Some Welsh phrases to help you on your way…

Speaking the lingo…

You don’t have to speak Welsh when you come to stay here at Amroth, though it’s always good fun to learn a few phrases in the local lingo! 

A great number of residents do speak the native language. In fact it’s part of some areas school curriculum, so we’ll always fully appreciate anyone giving it a go!  

So if you feel confident why not throw the odd word into part of your conversation.  

Here are just a few basic words to help take you through your day!  

Hello – Shwmae (pronounced shoo my)

Good Morning – Bore Da (pronounced (boar air dah)

How are you? – Sut ydych chi? (pronounced Sit-u-deekh khee)

Please – Os gwelwch yn dda (pronounced Oss guail-loo-chun-tha (‘th’ as in ‘the’))  (Good luck with that one!)

Thank you – Diolch (pronounced dee -olch)

Good Night – Nos Da (pronounced Nos Dah)

Goodbye – Hwyl fawr (pronounced Hoo-yl vah-ur)

See you tomorrow – Welai di ‘fory! (pronounced Well-aye dee vorry!)

Please – Os gwelwch yn dda (pronounced Oss guail-loo-chun-tha (‘th’ as in ‘the’))

Where is…? – Ble mae…? (pronounced Ble my…?)

Yes – Ydw (pronounced Uh-do)

No – Na – (pronounced Nah)

Tea – Te (pronounced The)

Coffee – Coffi (Pronounced Koffee)

Water – Dwr (pronounced Doorr)

Ok so they can seem a little difficult, but when in Wales… 

Oh and when you leave how about saying ‘Dwi wedi cael gwyliau bendigedig yma’. Translated as ‘I’ve had a lovely holiday here!’

We’re certain you will have done!

So get booking your stay today…

☎️01834 813 217 💻

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